Welcome to the Privacy Checklist app!  We’d like to highlight three ways to get started with use of this checklist search engine:

1. If you have a specific research question or area, feel free to jump right to the search bar on the front page.  If you type in the word, "Data," for example, the drop down menu will surface those checklists dealing with the topic of data.; If you want to get more specific, type in a full phrase.  Each of our checklists has been tagged with key words, so there's a good chance your query will bring back one or more checklists.

2. If you just want to see the entire list of checklists, go to the "Checklist" tab on the home page nav bar.  This will present all of the checklists currently in our system. We plan to add more over time. If you think we're missing one, please contact us and make your suggestion. We want to build a community around this concept and would appreciate your input.

3. If you are new to the topic of privacy, we would suggest the following "building block" checklists for orientation: Privacy by design; Data Sharing; Data Minimization. If your more focused on the security aspects of privacy, we recommend the following: Threat modeling; Creating a Data Security Plan; Determining if a Breach Occurred; and Recovering from a Hack.

4. If you work in state or local government and want to organize a privacy program, you might consult these checklist first: "Classifying Data;" "Data Minimization;" "Data Sharing:" "Data Storage Procedures;" and "Risk Assessment Checklist."

If you are a member of the public who is looking for "privacy protection" tips and tools, please visit privacy.wa.gov and survey our 50 tips and tools. Or, you might want to try the following checklists: "IoT Consumer Privacy Checklist;" "How to prevent data profiling;" "How to prevent personal location tracking;" and "So You Think You've Been Hacked".

We hope this guidance helps. Feel free to explore the list of checklists. And let us know which ones you find useful.


Alex Alben

Chief Privacy
Officer State of Washington

The Office of Privacy and Data Protection announces beta testing of “Privacy Modeling,” a new web application that identifies the privacy laws relevant to the product or service you wish to create.

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