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Privacy By Design

Privacy by Design is a concept that privacy measures and considerations are made throughout the entire process / product development lifecycle. This approach helps to design more secure systems because privacy mechanisms are baked into the process as opposed to layered on top of a finished product built without privacy in mind. Privacy by Design features seven Foundation Principles:

  1. Proactive not Reactive; Preventative not Remedial
  2. Privacy as the Default Setting
  3. Privacy Embedded into Design
  4. Full Functionality - Positive-Sum, not Zero-Sum
  5. End-to-End Security - Full Lifecycle Protection
  6. Visibility and Transparency
  7. Respect for User Privacy - Keep it User-Centric

Recognizing privacy interests from the start can help reduces data security risks down the road as well as costs associated with remediation.

  • Project Scope

  • Risk Assessment

  • Mitigation Methods


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The Office of Privacy and Data Protection announces beta testing of “Privacy Modeling,” a new web application that identifies the privacy laws relevant to the product or service you wish to create.

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