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Drone Policy Checklist

The advent and the potential widespread use of drones has raised many complex questions in Washington State, resulting in different legislative proposals to regulate the use of drones—unmanned aerial vehicles—by state agencies and programs. However, we have no statewide drone legislation to date (Spring of 2018).

This checklist is designed to guide policy makers and stakeholders as they develop policy proposals. It does not instruct an agency or other entity as to “how to deploy” a drone. Rather, it is intended to surface all of the relevant policy questions to be raised before a deployment decision is made.

  • Define what you mean by "Drone." - The term should apply to unmanned aerial vehicles controlled by a remote operator. Sample definition: "An unmanned aircraft that is operated without the possibility of direct human intervention from within or on the aircraft."

  • Evaluate Law Enforcement Issues and Respect for Civil Rights.

  • Set forth Purpose of Use - the purpose of use of a particular flight should be recorded and maintained by the applicable agency or group, with specific attention to the following:

  • Apply Data Minimization Principles

  • Review Federal Law on Drone Use:

  • Conduct Policy Management:


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