• Using Overt Video Surveillance in Washington

    Tag: surveillance

    Installing surveillance equipment may seem like a logical decision for your organization, but collection and use of personal information through video surveillance may violate privacy law and could lead to other costly liabilities.

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  • Threat modeling

    Tag: Threat modeling

    Threat modeling is an approach for analyzing the security of an application.

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  • Risk Assessment When a Breach has Occurred

    Tag: Data breach

    Now that you have discovered a breach occurred what do you do.

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  • So you think you’ve been hacked - What Now?

    Tag: Hacking

    Computer attacks are part of modern life. While we can all fall victim to malicious hackers, it is the elderly and novice computer users who are most frequently targeted.

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  • Publishing Open Data

    Tag: Open Data Champion

    Open data is the concept that some data should be freely available for everyone to use and republish.

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  • Privacy By Design

    Tag: Design

    Privacy by Design is a concept that privacy measures and considerations are made throughout the entire process / product development lifecycle.

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  • Phishing scams

    Tag: Phish / variations thereof

    Phishing scams are one of the most common forms of security breaches for individuals as well as organizations because these scams rely on human error.

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  • Multi-factor authentication

    Tag: MFA

    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a multi-step login process that provides an extra layer of security by requiring an additional factor (or factors) to be provided in the authentication process.

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Privacy and Data Protection

Since our inception at the beginning of 2016, the Office of Privacy and Data Protection has been chartered as the focal point for privacy efforts in Washington state.


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The Office of Privacy and Data Protection announces beta testing of “Privacy Modeling,” a new web application that identifies the privacy laws relevant to the product or service you wish to create.

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